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Refurbished products are the new trend

Refurbished products are the new trend

If you are looking for a high-tech device that will make your life easier, consider saving some money by purchasing a refurbished product. Some of the most common refurbished devices are the wide range of mobile devices released in recent years. Most people update their phones every two years (or less)

But no one wants to use their "old" smartphone after the upgrade, so the growing trend has been to sell outdated devices to recycling or renovation companies who, in turn, sell their old phone at a discounted price to other consumers.

Many companies, from eBay to Amazon and smaller companies like Back Market or Movilganga, offer refurbished products for sale. They are typically offered at a 15 to 30 percent discount over their full-price counterparts.

What does it mean to buy a refurbished device

You may be wary of purchasing a refurbished product because you prefer to avoid the hassle of a potentially defective item. After all, if it has the word reconditioned next to it, then it must have been faulty at some point, right? Not necessarily. There are a number of reasons a product can be labeled as refurbished. Here are some of those reasons:

Returned in the box - Sometimes people just change their minds. In that case, they return the product to the distributor or manufacturer as received. It has never been opened. It has never been used. It was just sent back.

Dents and Dings: The product may have some slight scratches or dents. In this case, the retailer returns it to the manufacturer, who then reconditions it.

Demo Units - You've probably seen demo units of some of your favorite high-tech gadgets at office supply stores or trade shows. These items are often sold at a discounted price.

Open box: Sometimes the customer would open the box and then return it for whatever reason. The customer may not have even touched it, or they may have received the wrong color and returned it without even using it.

Defects: Finally, yes, a product can be classified as refurbished if defects were found in it. In that case, the manufacturers diagnose and repair the product so that it works as designed.

The right way to buy refurbished items

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If you are considering purchasing a refurbished device, there are a few best practices that you can follow to ensure a good shopping experience.

Here are some tips to help you play it safe when purchasing refurbished products:

Stay away from "as is": If you see something being offered for sale "as is", it is probably not worth the investment. The phrase "as is" is a tell-tale sign that something is wrong with the product.

Opt for Factory Certified Products - If you see a refurbished product that is factory certified, you can buy it with a degree of confidence that it has undergone a thorough quality assurance process.

Make sure you have a warranty - Refurbished products should be offered with a warranty so that you still have some recourse in case something goes wrong. Manufacturers generally offer 90-day warranties for refurbished products.

Make sure you have a return policy - obviously you will want to return the product if it is faulty. Make sure the return policy is clearly stated.

Refurbished doesn't mean it's broken, and standard checks and tests guarantee they're as good as their new counterparts.